NGC 7000 Mosaic Part Two

With summer vacation at hand my family and I headed to our cottage and some dark skies. Having some decent skies and a few clear nights I got out to take the last row of my North American Nebula mosaic. In the process I revamped the user interface to Mosaic Engine, fixed numerous bugs and added a hack to keep the scope motion synched to the image capture. In theory you can now run a completely automated mosaic acquisition after setting everything up, but I admit that I haven’t had time to try that out just yet.

The new user interface has had some new functionality added as you can see below.

The controls are now logically grouped and the messages from the application now print in the status portion of the window so there is no longer a need to keep closing message boxes.

The first week of our time at the cottage was a wash out as far as astrophotography was concerned. The days were hot, at least by eastern Canadian standards, and the cloud seemed to move in as soon at the Sun set. Things seemed to clear out on the second week and the neighbours and their kids popped over for a great look at Jupiter and Saturn several evenings. Once everyone left I would polar align and start in capturing the top row of my shot. The first night I was able to get two of the three frames I needed and a few nights later I captured the last frame to complete the mosaic

For a more detailed look please visit my web page which has the exposure details and a much higher resolution version of the image.

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