NGC7000 Mosaic

I've been working on some software to control telescope mounts in order to take mosaics and finally got it working well enough to give it a try. My target was the NGC7000 region and things seemed to work well. The seeing during the capture was terrible, but the transparency was fantastic.The image is a 3 by 3 mosaic with the first two rows captured at SCO and the last (top) row captured at out cottage in Marrion Bridge. This one is going on the wall as a large print. Click on the image to see a higher resolution version (it's a big download), then click again to return to this page.
Object NGC 7000  Object RA 20:56:48 Dec 44:31:32
Date 7 July & Aug 11, 2018
Exposure 30 minutes (6 X 5 minutes) per frame for a total of  4.5 hours
ISO 800
Camera Canon 60Da DSLR
Optics Prime focus of a  SkyWatcher Esprit 120 f/7 APO refractor with a focal length of 840 mm
Location SCO, St. Croix, Nova Scotia and Marrion Bridg, Nova Scotia
Processing This image was captured using Mosaic Engine and the mosaic built using Microsoft's Image Composition Editor and then processed entirely in Images Plus.