Orion Wide Field

Here is a wide field image of Orion taken with a simple piggy back setup. The camera was mounted on top  of my scope mounted on an equatorial mount.  The image was not guided.
Object M42  Object RA 5:34.24 Dec -2:52.9
Exposure 24 minutes (4 X 6 minutes) + 300seconds (10 X 30 seconds) layer combined
ISO 800
Camera Canon 350D DSLR
Optics Canon 70 to 300 mm set to 125 mm f/4.6
Location St. Croix, Nova Scotia
Processing  Image calibrated with darks, flats, flat darks and bias frames using Images Plus. The image has had a simple arcsinH strecth applied and then the central part was cropped to remove the distortion at the field edges..