Urban M81 & M82

Here is an urban image of one of my favorite galaxy pairs. The image was taken from my light polluted city driveway. I've imaged this before from the city using a reflector, but not with the crispness of this version. Even a dark sky shot taken with the my SkyWatcher reflector didn't turn out as sharp. It shows fainter stars but the Esprit seems to make for a sharper image. Some of the difference is improved processing techniques, but a fair portion of the difference is due to the improved optics.
M81 - 50% crop
M82 - 50% crop
Object M81 & M82  Object RA 9:55:36 Dec 69:03:57
Exposure 177 minutes (59 X 3 minutes) 
Date 26 March, 2019
ISO 800
Camera Canon 60Da DSLR
Optics SkyWatcher Esprit 120  f/7 APO refractor with  a  focal length of 840 mm
Location Bedford, Nova Scotia
Processing This image was processed entirely in Images Plus.  Masked stretching and split star processing used to enhance the image. Masked noise reduction using a frequency domain lowpass filter applied to the DSO layer and then it was recombined with the star layer. Image binned 2 by 2. Final sharpening applied. Since the 60Da has on sensor dark suppression no darks were used in the calibration.