Heart & Soul of Nova East

Here is a wide field shot of a section of Perseus spanning the sky from the Double Cluster to the Heart  Nebula taken at Nova East, the annual star party of the Halifax Centre of the RASC.
Object Heart and Soul Nebulae,  RA2:55.:24 Dec 60:24:36
Exposure 114 minutes (38 X 3 minutes) 
ISO 1600
Camera Canon 60Da DSLR
Optics Canol 70 to 300 mm zoom lens set to 135 mm
Location Smiley's Provincial Park, Nova Scotia
Processing This image was processed entirely in Images Plus. Calibration, stacking, statistical filter applied to reduce noise before stretching. Masked stretching and split star processing used to enhance the image. Masked noise reduction using a frequency domain lowpass filter applied to the DSO layer and then it was recombined with the star layer. Image binned 2 by 2. Final sharpening applied. No dark, bias or flats used. Single dark used as a hot pixel map.