Urban M108 & Owl Nebula with Esprit 120 & Canon 60Da

This is an urban effort on M108 and the Owl taken from my driveway under light polluted urban conditions. There is even a LED street light directly across the street blazing away. As long as you  stick to brighter targets and are careful in your image capture and processing such conditions should not deter the intrepid astrophotographer. Click on the image to see a previous attempt at an urban capture of this target using a Meade SN8 scope. Click again to return to this image. Scroll down to see 100 % crops of the Owl and M108.
100 % crop of M108
100 % crop of the Owl Nebula
Object M108 and the Owl Nebula RA 11:13:36 Dec 55:25:13
Exposure 80 minutes (20 X 240 seconds)
ISO 800
Camera Canon 60Da DSLR
Optics SkyWatcher Esprit 120  f/7 APO refractor with  a  focal length of 840 mm

Bedford, St. Croix, Nova Scotia


Calibration, stacking, and masked stretching done in Images Plus. Masked noise reduction , sharpening and contrast enhancement applied in Images Plus. Image binned and cropped for web display.