This is the first real test image from a new SkyWatcher Esprit120. The scope has issues with ugly spikes causing mis-shapen stars. SkyWatcher is working on the problem as it seems to be batch related as this is the second scope with the problem. Focus shifted as the temperature dropped and I did not compensate for it so the image is a bit soft. Other than the spikes the scope is very nice to use. Great focuser and well balanced. I'll reshoot this when SkyWatcher figures out what is causing the issue and sends me a second replacement scope. The image does not have any calibration applied, the scope has a wonderfully flat field and my Canon 60Da does not require dark frames. The image needs a much longer exposure so somewhat excessive noise reduction has been applied.
Object NGC 1333  Object RA 03:29:12 Dec 31:21:55
Exposure 75 minutes (15 X 5 minutes) 
ISO 1600
Camera Canon 60Da DSLR
Optics Prime focus of a 120 mm SkyWatcher f/7 Esprit APO refractor
Location SCO, St. Croix, Nova Scotia
Processing This image was processed entirely in Images Plus. No image calibration was used, stacking, statistical filter applied to reduce noise before stretching. Masked stretching and split star processing used to enhance the image. Masked noise reduction using a frequency domain lowpass filter applied to the DSO layer and then it was recombined with the star layer. Image binned 2 by 2. Final sharpening applied.