This is a re-shoot of the first shot I had taken with my Esprit 120 when it had pinched optics.The scope had issues with ugly spikes causing mis-shaped stars. SkyWatcher quickly identified the problem and sent me a replacement scope. Unfortunately it seemed that the entire Canadian stock had the same issue and that scope had the same problem. SkyWatcher immediately offered me the first scope off the boat from a new shipment that they felt they were able to guarantee would not have the optical problems or a refund. Since I was not stuck for a scope and their service to date was top notch I decided to wait for the replacement. To say I was not disappointed with the new scope when it arrived, would be an understatement! The optics produced small pinpoint stars to the corners and the pinched optics do not return until about -5 degrees C. Wrapping a dew heater around the lens cell solves the cold weather problem and I'm still a happy SkyWatcher customer.

Click on the image to see my previous attempt with pinched optics. Click again to return to this image.
Object NGC 1333  Object RA 03:29:12 Dec 31:21:55
Date Sept 8, 2018
Exposure 70 minutes (10 X 7 minutes) 
ISO 1600
Camera Canon 60Da DSLR
Optics Prime focus of a 120 mm SkyWatcher f/7 Esprit APO refractor
Location SCO, St. Croix, Nova Scotia
Processing This image was processed entirely in Images Plus. No image calibration was used, stacking, statistical filter applied to reduce noise before stretching. Masked stretching and split star processing used to enhance the image. Masked noise reduction using a frequency domain lowpass filter applied to the DSO layer and then it was recombined with the star layer. Image binned 2 by 2. Final sharpening applied.