Here is a recent reprocessing effort on some data collected last year. NGC4565 is a favorite galaxy of many imagers as it contains a prominent dust lane that is a challenge to image well. This image was taken without a coma corrector so the stars at the corners are slightly elongated. 

Click on the image to see a 100 percent crop of the central area., click again to return to the initial image.

Object NGC4565 RA 12:36:21 Dec +25:59:13
Exposure 55 minutes (11 X 5 minutes)
ISO 400
Camera Canon 350D DSLR
Optics 8" f/4 Schmidt Newtonian Telescope

St. Croix Observatory

Processing The processing starts with calibration an stacking using Images Plus. Next the background was equalized in Images Plus then two images were saved with different stretches using the digital development function. Paint Shop Pro was used to combine both images using a LMS technique. Masked noise reduction was applied to the deep sky layer to reduce the noise. The remaining gradient was corrected using a layered technique in Paint Shop Pro. The combination of noise reduction and gradient removal left some minor blotches in the background. These were removed using Paint Shop Pro and the star colour enhanced. Finally the image was transferred back to Images Plus for a deconvolution run to sharpen the image a bit and a star reduction run to get rid of some minor star bloat that occurred during the stretch operation.