Urban Imaging

This page provides links to various images taken from an urban setting. It can be a challenge to pull detail out of objects that are burried in light pollution. Various techniques were used to pull the detail out of urban light polution and each is detailed in the table below each image. All of the techniques share one thing in common in that they take sky limited exposures. That is the individual sub-exposures are long enough so that photon noise from the sky background is the dominant noise source. With the subs sky limited, all that is left is to take many sub-exposures and stack them. This effectively means that long exposure times compensate for the added noise due to the bright sky background. It really did not matter whether high or low ISO was used or the focal ratio as long as the total integration time is long and each sub-exposure is sky limited.
M45 in Esprit 120 with fixed optics
M51 Supernova
M101 Supernova
Eskimo Nebula
Urban M45 in Esprit 120
M42 in Esprit 120
Sirius A & B
M22 and Saturn
M108 & the Owl Nebula
Leo1 in SkyWatcher Esprit
Urban M1
Urban M42 with bright Moon in sky
Urban M81 & M82 with Esprit 120
Urban M64
NGC 4993