M17 Omega Nebula

This summer I found a little time to get some imaging done. Form the backyard M17 skirts the treetops in the south. The day started off with a little work putting out our wharf and the usual lawn/field mowing required on the first trip to the cottage each year. The clouds came and went all day long and I was getting a little concerned toward the end of the day as the clouds took their time moving off, but as luck would have it the Clear Sky Chart was right and we were treated to a terrific Mira River sun set.

With the warm summer breeze calming down and the equipment set up, I got to work capturing some M17 data. I didn’t get quite as much as I’d like as it kept dipping into the trees, but after an hour and a half I managed to get 48 minutes of data that did not have the tops of spruce trees interfering.

More details on the exposure and the processing can be had here on the main image pages of the web site.

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