Welcome to Night and Day Astrophotography

I’ve been working on my web page for some time now my latest updates have added web galleries and of course this blog. As time goes on I’ll be posting details on some on going astrophotography projects.

My setup consists of a SkyWatcher eight inch imaging Newtonian on a Celestron CGE Pro mount and a Canon 60Da. Guiding is done with an Orion Star Shoot Autoguider and a four inch refractor. As my primary imaging site is just over forty minutes away at the St. Croix Observatory, I never manage to get the really long exposures I’d like, but with a little processing theĀ images are passible.

My main website contains most of my images as well as some details on image processing, a little theory on image noise and other tips and tricks of the craft.

Thanks for taking the time to visit and stay tuned for additional posts as I get breaks in my schedule to get out under the stars.

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